The Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Review: Take Off Your Ti

Benchmark Results: Synthetics

As always we begin our benchmarks with synthetics, starting with Futuremark’s 3DMark 11:

3DMark 11 tends to favor AMD cards, at least relative to many of the games in our benchmark suite. In this light, we expect the GeForce GTX 560 to perform somewhere in the neighborhood of the Radeon HD 6870, despite the difference we see in 3DMark.

We employ the Unigine Heaven benchmark to test tessellation performance. Even with the feature disabled, though, this synthetic tends to favor GeForce cards, as if to counterbalance the Radeon-friendly 3DMark 11 results.

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  • Anonymous
    quote: If 3D Vision and CUDA support for apps like Premiere Pro CS5 matter to you, Nvidia has the upper hand.
    I bought the Nvidia geforce GTX 560 Ti,actually 2. Even though I am extremely happy with them, i found that they do NOT support CUDA CS5, my previous card was the GTX285, which did support that. As an editor, I miss the direct render a lot. 560 cards do not support direct render with CS5, I wonder if there is a way around this?
  • damian86
    I think the 560ti for a high end card is the best choice,saving a lot of money and power-wise they consume a lot less than others. As it says it can outperform other cards,and in SLI they do a good job, I think I will be happy to spend money on them, actually you can get them for £180 and if you save money then you can get a second one.
    Before I was thinking in buy a 570, but I think I'll consider a 560 ti Sli set due to power consumtion.
  • C Ram_22
  • C Ram_22
    Yeh wat u consider is fine
  • C Ram_22
    560 ti
  • C Ram_22
    Just get what u thnk is best stop hassling me and run this on my tv HOW --root?.
  • samboy09
    Guys, May I ask you if this card comes out with a case decal or sticker that I can put to my case. TNX