AVADirect’s X7200: The GeForce GTX 485M SLI Mobile Graphics Giant

Taking It To The Limit, One More Time

Gamers might be better served by Intel’s latest Sandy Bridge-based mobile processors, but Clevo’s LGA 1366-based X7200 remains the only chassis capable of supporting Nvidia’s hottest graphics modules in SLI. Capable of holding both Core i7 and Xeon processors with up to six physical cores, AVADirect equipped this workstation-class notebook with an enthusiast-class Core i7-980X Extreme.

Regular visitors will notice the recycled images. Nothing has changed about the X7200 since  last year’s introduction, though AVADirect made the thoughtful move to include a second power supply with today’s configuration.

Remembering that each of these 300 W power units is larger and heavier than a traditional facing brick, we were happy to find that the second power adapter is only required under unrealistically-extreme use scenarios (such as using FurMark and eleven threads of Prime95 simultaneously).

Desktop vs. Mobile GeForce Graphics
 Desktop GeForce
GTX 480
Desktop GeForce
GTX 560 TI
GTX 485M
Transistors3 billion1.95 billion1.95 billion
Engine Clock700 MHz822 MHz575 MHz
Cuda Cores480384384
Texture Units606464
ROP Units403232
Compute Performance1345 GFLOPS1.26 TFLOPS883.2 GFLOPS
DRAM TypeGDDR5-3696GDDR5-4000GDDR5-3000
DRAM Interface384-bits256-bits256-bits
Memory Bandwidth177.4 GB/s128 GB/s96 GB/s
TDP250 W170 W100 W

We’ve even discussed how the GeForce GTX 485M’s specs resemble those of an underclocked GTX 560 Ti, though we’re told it uses the older GF104 core with power-optimized BIOS and software. This power-saving design compares favorably to AMD’s Barts-based Radeon HD 6970M, at least on a specifications sheet.

Desktop vs. Mobility Radeon Graphics
 Desktop Radeon
HD 6970
Desktop Radeon
HD 6850
HD 6970M
Transistors2.64 billion1.7 billion1.7 billion
Engine Clock880 MHz775 MHz680 MHz
Shader (ALUs)1536960960
Texture Units964848
ROP Units323232
Compute Performance2.7 TFLOPS1.49 TFLOPS1.3 TFLOPS
DRAM TypeGDDR5-5500GDDR5-4000GDDR5-3600
DRAM Interface256-bits256-bits256-bits
Memory Bandwidth176 GB/s128 GB/s115.2 GB/s
TDP250 W127 W100 W

With no new parts to show, let’s see how this new configuration of previously-reviewed components performs!

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