AVADirect’s X7200: The GeForce GTX 485M SLI Mobile Graphics Giant

Nvidia Returns

Nvidia didn’t take long to respond to AMD’s Radeon HD 6970M CrossFire threat, firing back with its own high-end mobile part in SLI. AVADirect was standing at the ready, armed with Clevo’s X7200 and ready to take on ammo from its willing supplier Nvidia.

Using a notebook otherwise similarly-equipped as its Radeon HD 6970M-based competition from Eurocom, AVADirect provides around 6% better average gaming performance at around 10% lower cost. That sounds like improved value to us, and our only additional complaint is that the complete configuration requires two power units to support high GPU and CPU loads simultaneously.

Our trepidation over weight, on the other hand, is universal across today’s test candidates, with the dual-GPU X7200 package weighing 17 pounds, including its AC adapter. Adding a second power brick pushes this thing to 20.6 pounds, which is more than some gaming desktops weigh. And even though a 20.6-pound notebook still packs up much more conveniently than a desktop and peripherals, most of us will likely wait for a lighter Sandy Bridge-based model before making any financial commitments.

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