Gearbox Software to Finish Duke Nukem Forever?

Duke Nukem Forever, while in limbo right now, isn't a completely dead project. Sure, work on it has been suspended due to the death of 3DRealms, but Take 2 owns all the assets publishing rights and probably doesn't want to throw it all away.

Who might pick up work on Duke Nukem Forever? According to Kotaku's sources, it could be Gearbox Software, which has a working relationship with Take 2 from last year's Borderlands.

Gearbox is supposedly picking up from where 3DRealms left off and will getting its name on the box with developer credit for its continued work. One source even told the gaming blog that it a playable demo will be available before the end of this year.

Gearbox should be no stranger to working on Duke Nukem, as the developer was originally set to develop the Duke Begins spinoff before it was scrapped.

Considering that some of the demo footage release from Duke Nukem Forever featured some of the same desert wasteland as found in Borderlands, the match with Gearbox could make the most sense.


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  • rsg22
  • shanky887614
    Duke Nukem Forever

    the clue is in the title
  • proletarian
    gerbox did great things with half life, in the 90s nothing like it had ver been seen.

    i never played borderlands, somehow i thought it might be like fallout and so i avoided it like the VD.

    this could be good.