Gateway Goes Gaming: FX530XT Review

Peripheral Visions

A large chunk of the FX530XT's list price is for the included FPD2485W 24" widescreen high definition LCD display. We certainly can't complain about its performance: a native resolution of 1920x1200 is just a bit taller and the same width as the 1080p HD video standard; 1000:1 contrast ratio ensures that blacks really are kind of black; and a 6 ms grey-to-grey response time is hyped-up marketing speak for a display that really is fast enough to eliminate "ghosting" in fast game manoeuvres.

Video inputs include dual component, composite, S-Video, VGA, and DVI. With so many sources to choose from, it's a good thing Gateway made source selection easy, and also provides picture-in-picture capability. The rear USB 2.0 hub branches to two ports on the back and two more on the side.

Gateway's optional 24" TDX audio sound system, with six integrated speakers, attaches to the bottom of the display, and includes a headphone connection at the side. Other speaker options include the base Logitech X-230 2.1 sound system, midrange Logitech X-540 5.1 set, and the high-end Logitech Z-5300e THX 5.1 system.

Gateway also included its wireless keyboard and mouse combination, a set that worked exactly as it should.

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