Gartner expects major organizational shift in IT landscape by 2011

Market research firm Gartner believes that IT organizations are entering a period of radical change. By 2011, Gartner said, "at least 75 percent of IT organizations will change their role, at least 10 percent will be disbanded and 10 percent more will be relegated to commodity status."

This phase of expected dramatic change will be driven by maturing traditional IT applications, outsourcing trends and greater penetration of technology into all aspects of business, according to the firm.

"A new organization type is emerging - one that will take the lead on information and process," said John Mahoney, chief of research for IT Services & Management at Gartner. "While it will grow from an IT base, the primary focus of the new organization will be business transformation and strategic assets of information and process. When mature, it may no longer be identified as an IT organization."

A decrease in workforce and a shift in workflow will go along with this change, according to Gartner. Analysts forecast that IT organizations in 2011 will have 20 percent less people, 40 percent less in-house technology roles and double the number of information, process and business roles compared to 2005.

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