Female gamers outnumber their male counterparts

Zylom.com released details of a recent survey, which showed that more women are playing games online than men.

Apparently, 18.7 million women play about online compared to 18.5 million men. The women who took the survey said that playing games online made them feel powerful and in control.

80 percent of the women owned up to spending 3 or more hours a week in front of their monitors.

Although, while the girls outnumber the men, the boys aren’t to worry about women stealing the top spots in their Pro Evo or Half Life tournies. Most of these women stick to playing online Xs and Os or puzzle games like sudoku.

While women feel gaming is empowering and lets them utilise certain skills such as team leading etc 20 percent of them felt the need to hide it from their family and friends . . .

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  • strawgate
    I have a feeling that the majority of men who game were playing Half-Life 2, and Counter Strike, and thus unable to take the survey. While the women who game were on websites such as the one where the poll was taken, thus giving them an advantage?