GamersGate Offering Free Ad-Based PC/Mac Gamesga

Wednesday digital distribution service GamersGate announced the upcoming launch of FreeGames, a free-to-play ad-supported platform for PC and Mac titles. The new site will allow users to download, install and play up to five titles at once free of charge, but are required to watch a short advertisement at the launch of the game.

"The new service offers the best of both worlds for both gamers and publishers,"said Theodore Bergquist, CEO at GamersGate. "Gamers can play games for free, catch up on franchises or try a game out before they buy. Publishers will receive ad revenue while expanding their audience. We’ve always been at the forefront of the digital delivery business and I’m confident that our new service will help reshape the industry."

GamersGate currently offers over 3,000 titles including the upcoming Duke Nukem Forever and Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Darkspore, Dragon Age 2, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Bulletstorm, Dead Space 2 and loads more. GamersGate expects that a large portion of its current library will be available in the ad-supported model for the September launch.

As seen here, the FreeGames website features a countdown timer and a place to sign up for the beta. There's also indication that users will have an option to add additional games on top of the 5-title limit (a monthly all-you-can-eat subscription perhaps?), but specific details are not provided. GamersGate will either reveal more this week at E3 2011, or announce the available games list closer to the platform's launch.

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  • hunter315
    Sooo i start up a game, make a sandwich, and play like normal?

    Sounds promising, but there has to be a bigger catch.
  • joshyboy82
    yeah, they harvest your info when you create a login.
  • internetlad
    I'll stick with Steam, thanks. Commercials are the reason I don't watch TV, Movies, look at billboards, go outside or open my blinds during the day.