G.Skill Reveals 'Ripjaws' PSUs, Trident Z Memory

This week during Computex 2015, G.Skill expanded its line of "Ripjaws" PC components with the launch of four new PSUs. There are four models in all, two of which are 80 PLUS Gold certified, and two that are 80 PLUS Platinum certified. These units range from 750 watts to 1250 watts, ideal for system builders who are looking to beef up their workstations or gaming PCs.

Included in the 80 PLUS Gold group are the PS750G and the PS850G power supplies, providing 750 watts and 850 watts respectively along with a 90 percent efficiency rating. The 80 PLUS Platinum group includes the PS850P (850 watts) and the PS1250P (1250 watts) that have a 92 percent efficiency rating. All four sport a modular design to help reduce not only the cable clutter but the system temperature as well.

"All Ripjaws series PSUs are made from the highest-quality materials possible, such as 100 percent Japanese-made capacitors, for higher reliability and longer lasting lifetime," the company's press release explained. "A unique automated G.Skill ECO Optimized (GEO) Thermal Fan Control also provides zero fan noise during low load operations. And when it does get warm, the durable double ball bearing 140 mm fan cools your PC system quietly and efficiently."

In addition to the PSUs, G.Skill is also showcasing its new Trident Z series of DDR4 memory sticks. Available in quad-channel and dual-channel configurations, these memory chips include aluminum heat spreaders (shown above) that can be customized to match the desktop's color scheme.

Unfortunately, G.Skill did not provide any additional details such as the timings, voltage and capacities. However, the company will undoubtedly launch DDR4 kits to compete with the latest solutions from Patriot, Corsair and Kingston. According to the company, detailed specifications will be released soon, although G.Skill expects to launch the Trident Z chips next month.

News of the Trident Z series arrives after the company revealed its fastest DDR4 memory back in May. The kit was based on the Ripjaws 4 and Samsung's 4 Gb ICs, clocking in at 3666 MHz. The kit came packed with four 4 GB DIMMs that were timed at 18-18-18-38 and running at 1.35 volts. The kit, offering 16 GB of RAM, is supported on most X99 motherboards.

As for the Ripjaws power supplies, G.Skill did not provide pricing or availability, so stay tuned for that information as well.

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  • Onus
    Who is the OEM on the PSUs?
    It seems to me with PC parts needing less juice, these are likely to be overkill for all but the tiny percentage of people running multiple high-end graphics cards.
    Considering the lower power needed by cards like the GTX970, combined with Broadwell's power usage numbers, the 300W-400W PSU should again be viable for even relatively high-end PCs.
  • dstarr3
    An article about a new PSU brand is pretty useless if you don't name the OEM.
  • RedJaron
    +3, who's the PSU OEM?