G-Sync Kit for Asus VG248QE Monitor Available for $200

You might remember back in December when we gave away five Nvidia G-Sync upgrade kits for Asus’ VG248QE monitor. The kit allows users with a VG248QE monitor and a compatible GeForce card to upgrade their monitor to include G-Sync support. A month later, those of you who weren’t lucky enough to win one of the five kits we got from Nvidia to give away are finally able to purchase the kit from Nvidia directly.

The company on Wednesday announced that the kit is now on sale priced at $199. This is quite a bit more than the estimated value we got from Nvidia when running the contest ($100), but if you want it, you at least know where you can get it.

To help you install the kit, Nvidia’s put together an awesome instructional video. Check it out below. And remember, don’t try this at home unless you’re sure you know what you’re doing, and you’re comfortable doing this kind of work yourself.

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  • whiteodian
    They are out of their minds. Too much money to possibly destroy a monitor. I'll wait for the tech to be widely available at lower prices.
  • CaptainTom
    Yay proprietary stuff that is overpriced, restrictive, and lightly supported! Hey Nvidia is consistant... Ya gotta give them that!
  • zanny
    So I think I'm just waiting for variable refresh rate DisplayPort 1.4 monitors, thanks.