G.Skill Showcases First Consumer DDR4 5066MHz Memory Kit

Hardware vendors attend Computex for many reasons. For G.Skill, it's about proving to the world that it hasn’t lost its edge when it comes to high-performance memory kits. As always, G.Skill is eager to consolidate its position as the No. 1 computer memory brand for hardcore enthusiasts. This year, the Taiwanese computer memory specialist definitely brought its A-game and unveiled multiple extreme DDR4 memory kits in different capacities and formats.

Hailing from the Trident Z RGB family, G.Skill revealed the world’s first-ever DDR4 5,066MHz memory kit. Comprised of two 8GB modules, the 16GB kit was built entirely using handpicked Samsung 8Gb ICs. While this might not be the fastest DDR4 memory to date, it’s certainly the first consumer memory kit to operate at 5,066MHz without requiring you to pour liquid nitrogen over it. Loose timings are to be expected for a memory kit in this frequency range. The timings for the DDR4 5,066MHz kit were set at CL21-26-26-54, and unfortunately, G.Skill didn’t specify how many volts were pumped into the sticks. The demo system consisted of a cherry-picked Intel Core i7-8700K processor paired with MSI’s Z370I Gaming Pro Carbon AC motherboard.

Taking advantage of the generated hype, G.Skill showcased other well-suited DDR4 memory kits for consumers who don’t care to chase the latest and the greatest. The new offerings included kits from the Trident Z and Trident Z RGB DDR4 memory portfolio. The first Trident Z RGB DDR4 kit came in a 16GB (2 x 8GB) configuration rated at 4,800MHz with tight timings of CL17-17-17-37. The modules featured Samsung B-die ICs. The other Trident Z RGB DDR4 kit had a higher capacity. It was a 32GB memory kit with four 8GB modules operating at a frequency of 4,600MHz with timings set at CL18-18-18-38. This memory kit also incorporated Samsung 8Gb ICs. The only memory kit from the Trident Z line was a 16GB (2 x 8GB) kit running at 4,700MHz with CL19-19-19-39 timings.

A custom watercooled Intel NUC caught many eyes at G.Skill’s booth. The little machine was running with a pair of Ripjaws 8GB DDR4-3600 SO-DIMMs at CL18-18-18-43. Needless to say, it was pretty impressive to see memory running stable at 3,600MHz on this particular Intel Core i7-8809G processor with AMD Radeon RX Vega graphics.

G.Skill did not share the pricing and availability of the memory kits shown at its Computex booth. However, we expect to see them on the market very soon.

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