AMD Bulldozer Speed Record Broken Again at 8.58GHz

So, about that Guinness World Record-beating clock speed of 8.46 GHz we talked about last week – that's been beaten again.

The very same Andre Yang that achieved that remarkable speed has upped his efforts – and his AMD FX-8150's limits – to an astounding 8.58 GHz.

Yang kept the same Asus Crosshair V Formula motherboard, but this time he cranked the voltage up from 1.992V to 2.076V. This was also done with liquid nitrogen, so it's possible that there's still room for more with the even-more-effective liquid helium.

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  • may1
    However we still come to the same conclusion that Intel's current offerings give a higher performance/price value than this cpu -_-
  • HEXiT
    if they were measuring performance as well you would still only need an intel part at 6 ghz or less to compete and thats with 4 less cores
  • silver565
    So they clock it high... yet it's still shit?