Func's KB-460 Mechanical Keyboard Hits Shelves

Func has released its new keyboard, the KB-460. This is a mechanical gaming keyboard that is built around the core principle of simplicity and functionality.

It features Cherry MX Red switches, which have a travel distance of 4 mm, with actuation at 2 mm along the way. They are also linear and need an actuation force of 45 grams. Beyond this, the keyboard features red backlighting, along with a large integrated aluminum backplate. It also comes with a wrist rest.

Other features include Func mode, which disables the windows key, driverless operation, built-in 128 KB of memory for storing profiles, as well as integrated media controls and a two-port USB hub.

The keyboard's MSRP is set at $119.95, though as a launch promotion, Func has temporarily priced it at $99.95.

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  • patrick47018
    I'll have to find a review of this, I could use a new keyboard
  • awesomedude911
    meh, im happy with my ducky shine 3 I got
  • Evan20x
    Looks pretty nice. What kind of layout is that? The larger enter button which I've seen on older layouts but all those different keys and ill-placed to what I'm use to seeing.