Fujitsu Makes Strides in RAM Technology

Fujitsu is going all out with a laundry list of different volatile memory products. Before the annual beer and fireworks festivities over here this week, got the skinny on a new three-in-one memory combo the company is pushing toward cellular apps. The thing combines flash, SRAM, and fast-cycle RAM in a single package. The multichip package is in an 85-pin, 10.4 x 10.8 x 1. mm plastic ball-grid array. Fujitsu is planning on pushing out 500,000 of them per month starting in September. The venerable site also tells us that Fujitsu is now sampling two low-power 64-Mbit fast-cycle RAMs that have an SDRAM interface and are housed in a single-in-line package (SIP). The FC-RAM products are intended to be used in cellular applications and digital home appliances (digital video cameras, DVD recorders, and the like). Fujitsu says the MB811L646449 reduces supply voltage to 2.5 volts and current 30 percent compared to standard 64-Mbit SRAM chips. Fujitsu figures that demand for mobile phones will reach 500 million units next year, with about 10 percent of those being 3G phones. If they're right, it's not a bad star to hitch their wagon to.

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