Fractal Design Reveals Node 804 Micro-ATX Enclosure

Fractal design has announced a new enclosure – the Node 804. Inspired by the looks of the Node 304, this case brings the same appearances to the Micro-ATX platform.

The case is based on a dual-chamber design, one in which will sit the motherboards, graphics card and up to two SSDs, while the other will house the power supply and hard drives. The case offers room for up to eight 3.5" drives, two 2.5" drives, as well as another two drives either in the 2.5" or 3.5" format. Graphics cards can be up to 320 mm in length, with CPU coolers towering up to 160 mm. The case measures 370 x 307 x 412 mm.

The case also has support for up to one 240 mm radiator, as well as another 280 mm radiator, at the same time. Fractal Design has also equipped the case with three fans out of the box, though there is room for yet another seven.

The case also has five expansion slots, which with certain motherboards will allow you to install two graphics cards while keeping the middle slot free, which will improve airflow to the upper card.

Availability is scheduled for May, with U.S. MSRP pricing set at $109.99.

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  • Tedders
    Looks like a smaller version of my Corsair Air 540. Me gusta!
  • rajangel
    My last case was a Fractal, and it quickly became my favorite one of all time. It was solid, clean, simple, and functional. This might be my next case.
  • Au_equus
    the mini r2 or the node 804... decisions, decisions