Fractal Design's Define R6 Cases Get the USB-C Treatment

Fractal Design introduced today its revised Define R6 cases with integrated USB Type-C ports. The popular case manufacturer also announced a few useful accessories for existing Define R6 owners to expand the case's capabilities.

The current generation of motherboards, whether AMD or Intel, have pretty much embraced the USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C (commonly referred to as USB-C) standard. The majority of mid-end to high-end motherboards come equipped with an internal header for front-panel USB-C ports. Unfortunately, the standard hasn't quite caught on with cases. There's only a handful of cases on the current market that have incorporated USB-C ports. 

Fractal Design previously offered an optional USB Type-C panel for Define R6 owners who desired USB-C functionality on their cases. However, the upgrade kit represented an extra cost for the owner as it carried a $20 price tag, not to mention that users still had to go through the hassle of taking their cases apart to swap panels. Fractal Design's latest Define R6 USB-C cases are the solution to that problem.

The Define R6 USB-C features the same set of features as the original Define R6. The new case is available now in eight different styles. The black, white, blackout and gunmetal models cost $139.99 ,while the tempered glass black, white, blackout and gunmetal models go for $159.99.

In other news, Fractal Design also added a few goodies for Define R6 owners. The tempered glass side panel is now available separately for $29.99. The panel is scratch-resistant and has a bolt-free design to latch itself on the left or right side of the Define R6 case. It's available in black, white and gunmetal. Additionally, the case maker has started selling HDD drive trays and SSD brackets, which come in pairs in a single kit. The kits are available in black and white and cost $9.99 each.

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  • hannibal
    Well this has been coming a long way, but good that eventually one more USB-C compatible case...
  • mac_angel
    what uses USB-C? I can charge my phone with it and that's it, it seems. And to do that, I'd need to buy a special cable that has USB-C on each end instead of using the cable it came with.
    I get it's suppose to be fast and support all this great technology, but it's been out for a while and I haven't seen any devices for it.
  • milkod2001
    Still happy with my R4.