Fractal Design Reveals Define Nano S Mini-ITX Case

Fractal Design has revealed an upcoming case that addresses the growing trend of building powerful systems in smaller cases. The Define Nano S is a mini-ITX case with no shortage of features.

Fractal Design said the Define Nano S includes mounts for multiple hard drives -- two SSD mounts and a single 3.5-inch mount on the backside of the motherboard tray. An additional 3.5-inch drive can be installed on the bottom of the case in front of the ATX power supply.

Despite its small size, the Define Nano S manages to support ample water cooling components. The front and top can both support radiators, up to a 240 mm at the top and 280 mm in the front. The case also features a sliding bracket used to mount your reservoir, and a mount for your pump, though the second 3.5-inch drive mount can’t be used if you mount a pump here.

The Define Nano S doesn’t have a shortage of compatible hardware either. It supports graphics cards as long as 12.4 inches and CPU coolers as tall as 6.3 inches. Fractal Design doesn’t recommend installing graphics cards that take up more than two slots in width, as the power supply rests directly below the motherboard tray.

Fractal Design includes two Dynamic series fans with the case. A GP-14 14 cm fan can be found in the front and a GP-12 12 cm fan is located in the rear of the case. The top of the case can support two more 12 cm or 14 cm fans. These vents can be blocked with the ModuVent system if you choose not to use them. Fractal Design also said that if you don’t use the bottom hard drive mount, and don’t have a pump, an optional 12 cm fan can be installed at the bottom of the case.

The Fractal Design Define Nano S will be available in two versions. The Define Nano S, with sound dampening materials on both doors, will be available for $64.99, and the Define Nano S Window with a clear side panel will sell for $69.99. Fractal Design said both cases will arrive in March.

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  • Yuka
    Looks quite nice at first hand. The only "noticeable" problem I could spot is dual slot cards will be facing the PSU directly with little to no room to spare. And if you go the CWC route, then you sacrifice length and (maybe) HDD space. Not a big issue, but something I could spot easily.

    Why not put the PSU up front like the CM Elise 361? And that's a mATX case. I love it.

  • 2Be_or_Not2Be
    I would like to have a pull-out filter for the front intake fan. It makes for easy maintenance if you don't have to pop of the case cover.
  • gilbadon
    The water cooling king strikes again