Scientists reveal new type of football, which can tell the ref if its over the line

Finally, the end of the age old “it was in/it was out” argument.

Scientists have revealed a special type of football, which will tell the referee if the ball was over the line or not.

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The ball is fitted with sensors on the inside to allow it to be tracked or located anywhere on the pitch. Wires embedded in the pitch around the goal emit a magnetic field, which detects the ball’s presence. A message is sent to the referee’s watch to let him know it’s a goal.

football trackball

The ball has been trialled in a tournament in Japan and the system seems to be in full working order.

Now it’s just up to officials to decide if they want to introduce the ball on a more widespread basis.

I think I’ll miss the bloody brawls outside the pub after match of the day. . .

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