Flight1 now selling MSFS expansions direct to Europe

Makers of Microsoft Flight Simulator expansions Flight1 have announced that their online store will now ship product directly to the European marketplace, rather than consumers having to go through Amazon or another such third party retailer ; or pay international shipping costs.

Flight1 Europe’s Managing Director Mungo Amyatt-Leir pointed out another piece of good news for European flight simmers. "Not only will shipping be cheaper and faster but it enables customers to take advantage of terrific US Dollar value for money combined with a European service."

Weyhey. Flight1 is currently gearing up its expansions for the recently released Flight Simulator X, as Matt Walsh explains. "Over the next few months we will be re-releasing old favourites such as the Skyhawk 172R, the 727, Super 80 and King Air B200 which will all run on FSX as well as FS2004 (for those users who are waiting for the hardware to catch up before diving into FSX). "The really exciting stuff though is completely new FSX specific titles that will be arriving in 2007. Flight1 have been doing this for 10 years (in fact I think 2007 is the 10th anniversary), and the developers have got a raft of awards for previous titles so we look forward to some instant classics in the form of a new Ultimate Traffic, Active Sky and Ground Environment amongst others. Whilst obviously taking inspiration from the similar titles developed in past these are completely new products written exclusively for FSX so we can all look forward to something very special. There will of course be lots of award winning aircraft too but you will just have to watch this space for the moment."

Indeed. In the meantime European gamers can mosey on over to Flight1 and take advantage of that weak dollar.

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