Linden Lab Reveals First 'Project Sansar' Screenshots

Project Sansar, Linden Lab’s forthcoming successor to Second Life, is set for a public launch sometime this year, but we don’t know much about the experience yet. We first spoke to Linden Lab about Project Sansar in September of last year. During our conversation, Linden Lab’s CEO, Ebbe Altberg, explained his vision for Project Sansar, but he was not able to show us what it would look like.

Linden Lab has had six months to work on Project Sansar since we last spoke to the company, and it is finally ready to reveal some examples of what environments can look like inside the project.

The first screenshot that the company released depicts the surface of Mars in high resolution and surprising fidelity. Linden Lab said building environments in Project Sansar is quick and easy, noting that, “In just a matter of hours this very realistic, multi-user Mars VR experience came to life.”

The second image shows a classic-looking cinema, which appears to be built on the moon, with large boulders flanking its entry and a sandy beach-like surface. The image shows excellent graphics, with realistic lighting cascading over objects creating realistic shadows. Linden Lab again noted that this environment was also built “in a matter of hours.”

Other than sharing the screenshots, Linden Labs isn’t quite ready to talk about Project Sansar in detail, but we were told to expect more in the near future.

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