Firefox 4 B4 Now Online, Brings Tab 'Panorama'

It was supposed to be out a little earlier, but the fourth beta of Firefox 4.0 is now out and it brings with it a couple new features that Mozilla hopes to set it apart from the other browsers on the market right now.

One feature already discussed before is Tab Candy, which is now renamed Firefox Panorama. For those of us with more tabs open at a time than can fit on the width of our browser windows (I currently have over 150 tabs open, though it's due time to clean up), a zoomed-out 'panoramic' view of all tabs can be far easier to manage and group than just the regular line up of tabs.

Check out the video below for more:

Another feature weaved into the new Firefox 4 beta is Sync, which is very handy for accessing bookmarks, history, Awesome Bar, passwords, form-fill data and open tabs accessible across multiple computers and mobile devices.

Ready to give the beta a spin? Click here.

If you're running Windows, be sure to check out how to enable hardware acceleration.

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  • chronicbint
    Seems a bit bloated, why would you need 100's of tabs open?
  • refraction
    Doesn't look bloated to me. Quite often ill have up to 10 tabs open at least, to the point they can start truncating in the tab bar, i know a lot of businesses do as well, they like to have all their suppliers open at the same time so they can check prices quickly, it can add up.

    Firefox 4 is looking very nice :)
  • Silmarunya
    Things like Tab Candy are nice, but don't deal with FF's core issue: it lost the speed race. Even with hardware acceleration, it's far behind Opera and Chrome. So badly in fact it's subjectively noticeable, not just a benchmark only difference like there is between Opera and Chrome for example.