FIC Puts out 3 New Socket 370 Motherboards

The P3 may be on its way out as we make way for P4s, but chip releases tend to lag a bit behind user adoption (unless money is truly no object). If you're looking for a home for your P3 chip, FIC just launched three new additions to its line of Socket 370 motherboards, all of which use the "B-Step" technology of Intel's 815E and 815EP chipsets. The three new boards, the FS15T, FS35T and FS39T support the Intel Celeron FC-PGA 533-900MHz and higher, Intel Pentium III FC-PGA 533MHz - 1.1GHz and higher, VIA C3 667MHz and higher, and will also support Intel's next-generation of PIII processor. The 1stMainboard FS15T, FS35T and FS39T boards all include 1x AGP 4X and 1x CNR expansion slots, all have onboard Audio, all support the ATA 100 standard, and all use PC133 SDRAM. The FS15T is in an ATX form factor and uses the Intel 815EP chipset, with 815EP MCH (B-step) North Bridge and ICH2 South Bridge. It has six PCI Expansion slots and 3x DIMM slots for up to 512MB SDRAM. The FS39T is a Micro ATX Form Factor board, and comes with an Intel 815EP chipset. It has three PCI expansion slots and 2x DIMM slots for up to 512MB SDRAM. The FS35T is another Micro ATX board that features an Intel 815E chipset, and onboard VGA embedded in its 815 GMCH (B-step) North Bridge. The FS35T has three PCI and 2x DIMM slots for up to 512MB SDRAM.

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