MSI's GeForce GTX 480 to Offer Over Voltage Too

We saw in a previous article that Asus's GeForce GTX 480 and GTX 470 product will pack a special (supported?) feature that will allow the user to tweak the voltage to "shift into overdrive" to make things "50% faster."

Most of you figured with much sense that the "50%" figure sounded a little curious –a fact that we won't be able to investigate until after the official launch this Friday evening. But now MSI's has shown its card(s) and we can see that its offering has a similar "Over Voltage Function" that boasts a more reasonable 15% performance boost.


Perhaps this is early indication of the extra overclocking headroom built into the first batch of Fermi cards.

Image source: MSI.

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  • madskillz12_1
    Good timing for the launch..I get to watch Melbourne Qually and then read about Fermi. It's gonna be a good weekend me thinks!!
  • mi1ez
    I'm away for the weekend! Gonna miss all the practices and quali!

    Ah well, I get to see some awesome bands, watch the race, THEN check out Fermi!
  • CabbageGT on top of all the heat its already kicking out, theres room to push it more....I dont know about that, but Im not going to be pushing it at all, not untill theres a water based cooling solution available