Fall Extreme Gamer System Shootout Part 2: ABS M6

BIOS Settings

We are going to include the BIOS configurations as well so you can see what makes these systems purr.

Hardware Settings
System Settings
CPU Multiplyer 14.0
HT/FSB/CPU Frequency 200Mhz
CPU Voltage Auto
DDR Voltage Auto
Chipset Voltage Auto
LDT Multiplyer ---
LDT Voltage ---
HT Voltage ---
PCI Clock Synchronization Mode Auto
PCIe Clock 100MHz
Graphics Clocks
GPU Core Clock 430 MHz
GPU RAM Clock 1.20GHz
Memory Timings
Memclock Effective Frequency 400MHz
Tcl CAS Latency 2.5
Tras RAS Active Time 5T
Trcd RAS to CAS Delay 3T
Trp Row Precharge Time 3T
Trc Row Cycle Time 10T
Trfc Row Refresh Time 12T
Trwt Read-to-Write Time 4T
Twr Write Recovery Time 3T
Twtr Write to Read Delay N/A
Twcl Write CAS Latency N/A
Trrd Row to Row Delay N/A
Tref Refresh Time N/A
CMD Command Timing / Memory Timing 2T