Fall Extreme Gamer System Shootout Part 2: ABS M6

How To Spot A Reference Card

Before moving on, there is one thing we need to discuss. There has been a strange phenomenon happening during this round of the SLI system reviews. The issue revolves around the graphics cards used in these systems. The one stipulation we implied and restated was that these would have to be something a customer would be able to purchase. Is it us or is there something odd about this picture?

Maybe you can see it better from this side?

Did you notice the something strange about the graphics card retention pin?

Why is the space filled in? Reviewers love this feature so we can pull cards out without having to release the clip. It makes swapping out cards a snap, without snapping the retention mechanism.

However, there is an obvious sign that it is a reference card. Take a look at the sticker covering the FCC and CE approval status. If you can't see it in the original picture, look at this close-up.

We think the "FCC & CE Pending" is one clue but the obvious is the "Not For Resale" speaks a little louder. How do we expect these systems to come to us? We only expect that they come in the condition that a customer would receive them.

We understand that there are costs associated with sending out retail parts in review system. However, why didn't they ask BFG, XFX or some other card maker for shipping samples for this review? We don't know but we thought you should understand that these cards are not what you would receive in your system when you buy it. This does not reflect on them terribly for trying their best, but how can we be objective for you the reader?

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