Falcon Northwest Turns Tiki to Steam Machine

Tom's Hardware is no stranger to Falcon Northwest's Tiki (learn all about the Tiki's inception here), so it was like greeting an old friend when we saw the boutique PC builder's offering at Valve's Steam Machine event. Falcon Northwest is definitely going after the high-end here, with a GeForce GTX Titan and a custom paint job that could boost the machine's pricing up to $6000.

  • $1,799 -$6000
  • CPU: Customizable
  • RAM: 8-16 GB
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX TITAN
  • Storage: Up to 6 TB

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  • Au_equus
    what's the deal with the love affair with the gtx titan? or has the gtx 780 ti totally escaped them?
  • firefoxx04
    $1800 and you dont get the best nvidia has to offer? Child please. for that price im expecting an intel 6 core and a 780ti.
  • kensingtron
    Today's article was brought to you by the buzz word "SteamMachine"