Facebook is Testing AR Ads in News Feed

Facebook has announced a rollout of mobile ads utilizing augmented reality. Soon, your feed will be filled with interactive experiences with the intent to sell you products.

Credit: FacebookCredit: Facebook

On Tuesday, Facebook announced their new AR ad feature that will place virtually engaging advertisements in the News Feed. In its announcement to advertisers, Facebook claims that, “by incorporating calls-to-action within the camera experience, people can seamlessly go from engaging with your product—such as trying on a lipstick shade or exploring a new game—to making a purchase or installing an app.” Facebook’s marketing team seems to be attempting to make advertisers’ products as tangible as possible.

Michael Kors will be the first to test Facebook’s new AR advertisements, allowing customers to ‘try on’ their sunglasses through an augmented selfie. The new service is reminiscent of advertised Snapchat filters, and Facebook will also redirect users to product pages after a Clueless-closet-type virtual styling. The hope is that using AR in marketing will make consumers engage in ads, rather than just scroll by them.

This new ad experience is intended to lure in holiday shoppers, who do more and more gift-giving through online shops. In the lead up to peak holiday rush, more ads will start showing up for testing. Expect to see brands including Sephora, NYX Professional Makeup, Bobbi Brown, Pottery Barn and Wayfair in your augmented News Feed this summer.

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  • therealduckofdeath
    "Use your mobile cam to film your face while our AI visually logs everything in your home to maximize the impact of those personalized opinion feeds we successfully ran to ruin the UK and the US!"
  • theriddler321
    I'm not sure I trust other companies to watch my camera feed. I mean, Google is already listening to anything I say.