AMD FirePro V9800 Has Eyefinity 6, Costs $3,499

Professional parts cost professional money, and AMD today rolled out the ATI FirePro V9800 that comes with a professional $3,499 price tag.

The FirePro V9800 isn't all that different from the FirePro V8800 it usurps – it has the same clock speed, 1,600 stream processors and 147.2GB/s of memory bandwidth.

It's a little more power friendly at 199W, but the really big draw for those who need a lot of displays is that the FirePro V9800 supports Eyefinity 6 to drive a half dozen monitors. The memory doubled to 4GB of GDDR5 is always a nice touch.

The FirePro V8800 was used to help complete 500 final shots in the currently-in-cinemas movie Machete. We don't doubt that Troublemaker Studios will be getting a few FirePro V9800 for the next film.

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  • jamie_macdonald
    so they take a $1000 dollar good card and add 2gb of ddr3 (gddr5) and charge $2500 for it (the memory)?? LOL!!!

    ATI are getting as bad as apple for cost ... and there's was me thinking at least their positive was "bang for buck" ...Guess that blows that attitude out of the water eh :)
  • Pailin
    For a Professional card the prices is pretty cheap actually...
  • jamie_macdonald
    PailinFor a Professional card the prices is pretty cheap actually...

    I agree that for sure ... but really $2500 just for an extra 2gb ram ... is that just me that thinks it's a bit ridiculous then? :)