Three External USB And eSATA Blu-ray Burners Tested

DVD+R Dual-Layer Read Performance

While slower reads and writes are expected from dual-layer media, several of our tests show that the optical parts of these drives are often able to keep up with the mechanical parts.

Asus drops almost to the 12x maximum that its rating suggests, though we were hoping to see the single-layer data rate mirrored. A 9.48x average is the result.

LG falls slightly below Asus at 9.29x average.

Plextor falls slightly below LG at 9.07x in tight competition.

DVD data rates are well below the LG BD12LU30’s USB 2.0 limit, so we see identical performance on its alternative interface.

Plextor’s alternative interface is likely the more native connection, yet we don’t see any performance benefit from using it with dual-layer DVDs.

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    Could you also test the read performance for single/dual layer DVD Video media to check for any artificial limits imposed by the firmware?