eVionyx's Metal-Air Fuel Cells

I've been venting my desire for long-lasting non-polluting battery technology to go along with new low power electronic developments every chance I get. It just seems dumb (I mean short-sighted) to develop low-power electronics without attacking the problem of power consumption in the design of batteries. I'm not sure how far this new technology goes in extending the life of power cells, but it's supposed to be less of a polluter. EVionyx's EPM 100 is the company's first product in its EPM (Energy Power Module) family of small zinc-air power devices. eVionyx will be taking orders for it at the Electronic Vehicle Symposium 18 (EVS 18) in Berlin this week (though it's not limited to automotive apps) and will start shipping next month. The EPM 100 is a disposable, 6-volt, 50watt , high-power zinc-air energy source with a long shelf life. EVionyx says it offers a non-polluting power source that delivers at least five times the power of conventional batteries. It is also said to be environmentally safe, lightweight, and recyclable. The power module can be used in applications like hand lanterns, fixed emergency backup systems, hand tools, military portable devices, food warming or cooling, water filtration, and signaling and laptop backup power systems. The EPM 100 will be manufactured at eVionyx facilities in Hawthorne New York and in Jungli, Taiwan. The EPM family is based on eVionyx's Revolutionary Power Cell (RPC - "revolutionary" is part of the product name) technology, which uses metal-air electrochemistry and can be operated in multi-modes including disposable, refuelable, rechargeable, and "RefRec" (a product that can be both refueled and recharged). EVionyx informs us that it can be applied to the entire power spectrum from milliwatts to megawatts and uses environmentally friendly high-energy metal fuel. I'm not a chemist, so if you're interested in more info about the product and technology, check out the EVionyx website . That link is to the home page, since the site is set up without unique URLs for each section. You'll have to dig around a bit to get to the meat (or metal).

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