EVGA Brings SLI Support To New Games Faster

Waiting for NVIDIA to add SLI profiles for newly released games and game demos to their drivers can be frustrating for owners of SLI systems, so EVGA has taken the initiative to produce a temporary workaround.

If using potentially flaky beta drivers is not your thing, then EVGA has another option. Known as the EVGA SLI Enhancement Patch, the workaround is essentially just adding SLI profiles created by EVGA before NVIDIA adds their own to new driver versions. EVGA aims to to enable SLI support within one day of the title being released.

The current version adds SLI profiles for Burnout Paradise and the Necrovision Demo using the DirectX 10 code path. If you are using a single dual-GPU card, the patch is also recommended. EVGA is only supporting Windows Vista as of the current version, but if there is sufficient demand for XP support, it will be considered.

While the patch may work on older driver versions, EVGA has only tested it with the current Release 182.05 WHQL drivers, so there are no guarantees for older drivers. As new games and demos are released, EVGA will update the patch to include profiles for these games. You can find the SLI Enhancement Patch on the EVGA website here (registration required to download).

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