EVGA Releases the Budget BR Power Supply Line

EVGA added another PSU line, called BR, to its huge portfolio.

The BR models come in four flavors with 450W, 500W, 600W, and 700W capacities. All of them use a non-modular cable design and are 80 PLUS Bronze certified. Despite their low-end orientation, they still use DC-DC converters for the generation of the minor rails, while the provided warranty is three years long. Finally, the cooling fan measures 120mm across and it features a sleeve bearing. Apparently a higher quality fan (with a rifle of a fluid dynamic bearing) would significantly affect the price so a sleeve bearing is usually the only option in budget-oriented PSUs.

We don't have any information on the manufacturer (OEM) of this new BR line. We spotted the BR units on Newegg at the following prices:

  • 700 BR $75
  • 600 BR $65
  • 500 BR $55
  • 450 BR $50
Series NameBR Series
Model Numbers700 BR: 100-BR-0700
600 BR: 100-BR-0600
500 BR: 100-BR-0500
450 BR: 100-BR-0450
Max. DC Output450-700W
Efficiency80 Plus Bronze
Intel C6/C7 Power State Support
+12V Max Power (W)700 BR: 699.6
600 BR: 600
500 BR: 500
450 BR: 450
Combined +3.3, +5V (W)700 BR: 150
600 BR: 130
500 BR, 450 BR: 120
5VSB Max Power (W)15
Operating temperature0°C ~ 30°C
ProtectionsOver Current Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Over Temperature Protection
Over Power Protection
Over Voltage Protection
Under Voltage Protection
Cooling120mm Fan (Sleeve Bearing)
Semi-passive operation
Number of EPS Connectors1x EPS: (600mm)
Number of PCIe Connectors700 BR: 4x 8pin (6+2)
600 BR: 2x 8pin (6+2)
500 BR: 2x 8pin (6+2)
450 BR: 2x 8pin (6+2)
Number of SATA Connectors700 BR: 9x
600 BR: 6x
500 BR: 6x
450 BR: 6x
Number of PATA Connectors3x
Dimensions150mm (W) x 85mm (H) x 140mm (D)
ComplianceATX12V v2.4, EPS12V 2.92
Warranty3 years
MSRP700 BR: $75
600 BR: $65
500 BR: $55
450 BR: $50
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  • 10tacle
    I have no idea why people would cheap out on a budget PSU at the 600+W power level where you are getting into power user requirements (high end GPU, CPU, overclocking, etc.). Hopefully EVGA learned from their disastrous cheap Channel-Well based old green label budget 430W/x00W CX/M line with better OEM quality with their new grey label x50W line.

    [RIP Tom's Hardware PSU Tier List 2.0]:sad:
  • DSzymborski
    EVGA's not going to give up until they have exactly one unique model for every single customer.