EVGA 750 B3 PSU Review

Final Analysis

Something is clearly wrong with EVGA's B3 family. If we had problems with one or two samples, we might chalk it up to bad luck. But this is the third B3 unit in a row to die during OPP testing. You don't need to be an expert to realize that Super Flower didn't tune the over-power protection point on these PSUs properly, and needs to fix the issue as fast as possible.

Thankfully, our 750 B3 died quietly, just like the 850 B3. However, it did fail before we were able to finish all of our tests. This time around, we didn't even bother to let EVGA know its product expired on the bench. After all, the company still hasn't responded to our concerns about the 450 B3's failure, where the main fuse remained intact, creating a fire hazard.

If the 750 B3 didn't die during testing, it would be an impressive specimen since it seems to offer more of everything (except efficiency) than its direct competitor, Corsair's CX750M, including fully modular cabling, a more modern platform, and a semi-passive mode. We take protection features seriously, though, and the fact that OPP is badly tuned forces us to specifically recommend against buying this PSU.

Of course, it doesn't help EVGA's case that our retail-purchased sample had mediocre build quality. We expect better than below-average soldering work, which reminded us of Super Flower's early days.

If you are confident that you'll never overload the 750 B3, you can try your luck with it. But we should warn you that an overload can be also caused by a short circuit. With a little more effort from Super Flower, and by using a more capable production line, the B3 family could be so much better. It seems like EVGA rushed to get these models on shelves, though, in an effort to claim market share from Corsair and its better-built CX-M PSUs.

If EVGA wants to maintain its good reputation in the power supply space, the company needs to pay more attention to quality and not assume it's untouchable just because it did well with the G2, P2, and T2 families. We'll gladly give praise where it's due. But we're also the first to call out bad products and shady tactics. Moreover, we believe that all brands should provide review samples from retail stock in order to solve the issue of hand-picked samples. Seasonic started doing this recently, and we hope that more brands follow its example.

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