Eurocom Launches 780W AC/DC Adapter For High Performance Laptops

Eurocom launched a powerful AC/DC adapter that promises high efficiency while also delivering up to 780W of power. This should make the power brick perfect for gaming laptops with high-end graphics cards, which have increased power demands.

According to Eurocom, this adapter was developed to power the high performance laptops in which this company specializes, such as the Sky X9E2 and Sky X7E2. A variety of other laptops can also be powered by this AC adapter, including all Clevo and MSI notebooks that use the four-conductor DIN-type connector. The same adapter can also feed workstations, desktops, small form factor PCs and servers that need an external power source and don't use an embedded PSU, in order to reduce heat at their internals. Finally, Eurocom plans to offer in the future a variety of removable cords with different connections at the system-end to make it compatible with a wide range of laptops.

The adapter's chassis is made of metal, which helps dissipate heat faster. This is crucial for such a high power adapter. An LED display at the front side of the brick provides real-time information about the amps, volts, and wattage being utilized. The adapter uses a digital circuit in order to offer this kind of information. Lastly, the adapter features a power switch, which will surely come handy.

Eurocom provides a photo with the adapter's top cover removed, which offers a quick peek at its parts. You can also find a short video here showing the adapter's internals.

With a quick look, we notice the beefy heat sinks, the couple of coolers, and the quite large bulk cap. The orange component right beside the bulk cap looks to be a MOV, which protects against spikes and surges coming from the mains network. The transient filter looks good, with two X caps accompanied by at least a couple of Y ones, and two CM chokes. There is also an NTC thermistor and the corresponding bypass relay, for inrush current protection. As we expected, an LLC resonant converter is used for increased efficiency.

So far users with power hungry laptops were forced to use a dual 330W adapter, so having access to an even more powerful, single power brick will be a blessing. The only downside is the eye-watering price of this product, which costs $475. Apparently very high power density adapters don't come cheap.

ModelEUROCOM 780W AC/DC Adapter
Max. DC Output780W
Input Voltage90V - 264V
Frequency Range47Hz to 63Hz
Input Current (Max)10A - 100Vac/60Hz
Efficiency>90% (while measuring at nominal line and maximum load)
Inrush Current No higher than 100A at 230Vac/63Hz AC input for a cold start at 25°C
Power Factor>0.9 at 230VAC & Full Load
Output Voltage20VDC
Maximum Load39A 
Peak Load45A (for 25ms) 
Line Regulation2% 
 Load Regulation±5% 
Voltage AccuracyMin 19V Max 21V
 Ripple<200mV (p-p)
Dimensions110mm (W) x 40mm (H) x 325mm (D)
4.3” (W) x 1.5” (H) x 12.8” (D)
Cable Length75.5” / 1917.7mm
WeightAdapter:  2.9lbs / 1.32kg
Cable: .85lbs / .38kg
Warranty1 year
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  • panathas
    Wow for 475$ you get only 1 year warranty!
  • ricdiculus
    Wow for $475 you only get a power brick!
  • Brian_R170
    I can see how a 330W adapter might be a little low for a laptop like the X9E2 with dual GTX 1080, 7700K, and overclocking, but are there really any laptops that actually need 780W? Does the extra power allow for quick-charging the laptop's battery while also powering the overclocked-laptop or something? Dang, that's a lot of power.