Epson's LCD/USB Companion Chip

Big or small, something's got to drive that display. For the smaller members of the LCD tribe, Epson just let us know about the S1D13A05 LCD controller/companion chip intended for handhelds and embedded applications. The S1D13A05 combines an accelerated LCD graphics controller with a USB controller and an embedded 256 kB SRAM display buffer. Epson says the S1D13A05 supports fast display updates and high bandwidth with its 32-bit internal data path, write buffer, and 2D hardware acceleration engine. It's targeted at higher resolution displays, like 320 x 320 at color depths up to 65,536 colors. The LCD controller supports all standard panel and thin film transistor (TFT) types without the need for an external timing-control IC. The chip can interface with microprocessors that include the Hitachi SH-4/SH-3 and Motorola M68xxx and Dragonball series and gives you a built-in USB 1.1. client. The S1D13A05 embedded memory companion chip is now available in a 121-pin PFBGA package for an as yet unspecified price.

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