Enermax's TwisterPressure Fans Can be Disassembled

Enermax has announced a new fan – the TwisterPressure 120. This fan is built to offer a high static pressure while still operating quietly. The fan also has adjustable maximum speeds, which Enermax refers to as APS (Adjustable Peak Speed).

The peak speeds that the fan can be set to are 1200 RPM, 1500 RPM, and 1800 RPM. The minimum speed is always set at 500 RPM, and in between these the speed is controlled through PWM. At the lowest setting, the fan can push up to 94.5 cubic meters per hour, while the fastest mode will have it push up to 135.85 cubic meters per hour. At these speeds it will push a static pressure of 1.709 and 3.845 mm of water, respectively, and make either 21 or 25 dBA of noise. At 500 RPM, regardless of the speed setting, the fans will push 40.45 cubic meters per hour, push 0.673 mm of water, and make about 14 dBA of noise. All in all, pretty decent numbers.

Enermax has also built the TwisterPressure 120 fan in such a way that you'll be able to remove the fan blade assembly from the rest of the structure, making it much easier to clean than traditional fans.

There is no word yet on pricing or availability, though Enermax fans are usually priced quite reasonably.

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  • glasssplinter
    FYI 94.5 cubic meters per hour is 55.6 cfm and 135.85 cubic meters per hour is 79.9 cfm. Those are meaningful numbers and all of the sudden less impressive because chances are when reading the article people see those numbers and think wow, what a fast quiet fan. When buying fans I never see cubic meters per hour, always cfm. It took me 30 seconds to convert that to something that most people would understand, this Tom's is why you are failing. Neat idea for the removable blades but spec wise a Cougar CF-V12HP pushes 2.2 mm H2O at 70.5 cfm with only 17.9 dB which for the low end of the speed on the Enermax makes the Cougar a better choice.
  • thundervore
    Cubic meters per hour? Seriously? I have never seen a case fan measured in 135.85 cubic meters per hour, i always see CFM. Way to confuse the market with high numbers.
  • lp231
    My stand up fan can be taken apart for easier cleaning.