Enermax Liqtech TR4 AIO Liquid Cooler Has Your Threadripper Processor Covered

Another day, another company announces all-on-one cooler support for AMD’s HEDT Threadripper processor. What sets Enermax’s announcement apart from everyone else in the industry is the fact that the company designed these coolers specifically for socket TR4 processors. Whereas other companies are simply including updated TR4 brackets with their existing coolers, Enermax went the extra mile with a cold plate large enough to to completely cover the massive Threadripper processor.

In fact, we believe the Liqtech TR4 360 and TR4 240 are the first, if not the only, all-in-one liquid CPU coolers on the market with a copper cold plate that covers 100% of the processor’s integrated heat spreader. The colossal cold plate features the company’s patented shunt channel technology. Enermax explained the patented design as such:

At the right position, this shunt prevents the formation of the boundary layers. The coolant can absorb more heat and the cooler achieves a much better cooling performance. Apart from that, Enermax successfully enhances the liquid flow inside the cold plate: Without the “Boundary Layer” obstacle, the heated coolant gains space to leave the hot spot area much quicker. More cool liquid can be pushed through the fins.

In addition to the new full cover copper cold plate, Enermax has also outfitted both coolers with a new high flow rate pump capable of moving up to 450 liters of coolant per hour. The Liqtech line of coolers both employ the use of high fin count aluminum radiators that are available in both 360mm and 240mm sizes. Both coolers are equipped with 120mm fans capable of producing more than 102CFM at 2,300 RPM. The company claimed these cooler are capable of dissipating up to 500W of heat energy.

The Liqtech TR4 360 and TR4 240 will be available in late August. Information on pricing was not available at press time. 

EnermaxLiqtech TR4 360Liqtech TR4 240
Fan Dimensions
(W x H x D)
120 x 402 x 28mm120 x 270 x 39mm
Fan Speed500 - 2,300RPM500 - 2,300RPM
Fan Voltage12V DC 12V DC
Max Airflow23.81 - 102.17 CFM23.81 - 102.17 CFM
Fan Noise14 - 28 dB(A)14 - 28 dB(A)
Pump Speed 3,000 RPM3,000 RPM
Pump Voltage12V DC 12V DC
Pump Connector4-pin4-pin
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