Electronic Arts to Sell Crysis-branded PCs

Perhaps taking a page from the console world, massive game publisher Electronic Arts is exploring the possibility of selling machines that are purpose built to run a specific game title, and to run it well.

One of the biggest barriers of PC gaming is the link between the hardware and software. Usually the latest games require recent hardware, but whenever it comes time to upgrade, even savvy users may have a hard time making sense of system requirements.

EA is looking to knock down this barrier by providing the consumer with an instant hardware solution that should get gamers up and running in the easiest possible way yet. According to comments made by EA representatives at Comic-Con, recorded by Chris Remo, the game publisher is planning to market pre-built PCs purpose built for running Crysis Warhead – the follow-up to last year’s graphical showcase shooter.

The systems will likely range from $600 to $800, and will be differentiated by at which level of detail and special effects each will be able to run Crysis Warhead.

Such purpose-built computers will likely be overlooked by those who take the time to build their own machines – like those who frequent Tom’s Hardware – but for the mass market, a seemingly dedicated Crysis machine will hopefully make top-tier PC gaming as simple as it is on today’s consoles.

At $600 to $800, it’s twice as much as a modern games console – but imagine the owner’s delight when he or she discovers that any machine that can run Crysis at a respectable clip will also run every other PC game in history.

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  • Milany
    But imagine the owner’s delight when he or she discovers that any machine that can run Crysis at a respectable clip will also run every other PC game in history.

    Exept for the game ( The Elder Scrolls – Oblivion ) that is. Oblivion is one of the most demanding games outthere due to the bad development it received from its developers. Oblivion is going to need a PC twice as powerfull as that Crysis rig.
  • LePhuronn
    I didn't think Oblivion was an issue any more.

    I sincerely doubt EA could get a sub-$1,000 rig to play any of the new Crysis titles properly, unless they pair up (or even triple) GTX280s or 4870s.

    But yes, such a rig would play any game ever and will be future-proofed for a few years, especially if they put in a Quad core CPU.
  • skalagon
    lol any PC that can run crisis at high or very high settings and probly even at medium will be able to max out oblivion without any problems. Oblivion was the Crisis of its day regarding system requiriments but no more. And are you seriously accusing bethesda one of the best games developers today of poor developing??? lmao. Oblivion was demanding at the time of its release due to ground breaking graphics and new technologies, like all games on their release it was not perfect il admit, and new patches will make it run up to 10% faster. But then this clearly shows that "bad developement" only acounted for 10% of the high system requiriments.