EKWB Lists Maximus VI Gene/Hero VRM Water Blocks

EKWB, a manufacturer of water cooling products, has introduced yet another cooling block for an Asus product -- namely, one for Asus' Maximus VI Gene or Hero motherboards. The cooling blocks are intended to cool the motherboards' VRM circuitry. They'll be known as the EK-MOSFET ASUS M6G blocks.

Covering only the MOSFETs, the cooling blocks are quite small. They feature the high-flow design, meaning that they can be used in systems with weaker pumps or more complicated loops. They will also come in three versions -- a nickel-plated version with a clear acrylic top, a nickel-plated version with an acetal top, and a nickel-plated version with the original CSQ design.

The EK-MOSFET ASUS M6G water blocks are already available through EKWB's webshop for an MSRP of $60.99.

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  • gsxrme
    I didn't think you are required to watercool MOSFETs anymore. I mean I had to watercool my 780i chipset and MOSFETs to get my Q9650 to 4.1Ghz but my 2600k runs perfectly fine at 5.1Ghz without any problems on my Maximus 4 Extreme. Factory heatsinks installed.

    Watercooling MOSFETs must be a cool kid thing now!
  • realibrad
    Its not required, but if you OC it helps. Keeping them cool will keep the system stable and allow people to get a few extra mhz out of the chip.
  • gsxrme
    We need someone to bench OC limitations of MOSFETs while overclocking while using radiator fluid not, over the top dumb dry ice or whatever. Because my MOSFETs are only reading 41c load