EKWB's Gigabyte GTX 780 (Ti) WindForce 3X Water Block

It's been a long wait, but EKWB has finally announced its water block for the Gigabyte GTX 780 (Ti) WindForce 3X graphics cards. The wait has been so long that EKWB even felt it necessary to reassure us that it was actually working on this water block.

The water block will be known as the EK-FC780 GTX WF3, and it will have support for both the GTX 780 WindForce 3X and the GTX 780 Ti WindForce 3X graphics cards from Gigabyte. It will cool all the critical components that generate heat, including the GPU itself, the memory, and of course the VRM circuitry.

Over the GPU area resides a 0.6 mm microchannel structure, which will ensure that the heat gets effectively transferred to the water.

The water block will be available in two versions – either a nickel-plated version with a clear top, or a nickel-plated version with a POM Acetal plastic top. Pricing for these is set at $141.36; they are available through EKWB's webshop immediately.

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  • ultameca
    These GPU water-blocks are getting so expensive, the entire Swiftech H220X All-in-One Liquid Cooling Kit costs only slightly more, and that's en entire kit. And don't give me that bull that it's an expensive card so you can afford it, if you bought one of those cards good luck affording anything to go with it. If PC shipments are declining year by year it's because the cost goes up and up, how can we blame people for not buying a tablet if it's so much cheaper and they think it will be good enough. There is no compelling reason to buy or upgrade any-more especially with these kinds of prices.
  • hawkins23
    Pricing isn't 140$(that's a direct conversion of the pricing in Europe, ~102 EUR), It can be ordered at FrozenCPU for 116.99. Not that I'd call that cheap! But still....
  • Josh Hird
    The kinds of people who buy GTX 780Ti's and water cool their custom built rigs DO have enough money to buy this. What's more, there are so few people out there who would build a custom water loop in the first place, that even if prices were to push them away, It wouldn't effect overall PC sales at all. Even extreme gamers can get by great with systems a lot less super-powered or expensive than a card and waterblock like this would be found in. So you are talking about a small portion of a small portion of a market. A drop in the bucket.