EKWB Prepping Water Block for Asus R9-290X DirectCU II OC

EKWB has started making a new water block for the Asus Radeon R9-290X DirectCU II graphics card. The full-cover water block, which will be known as the EK-FC R9-290X DCII, is designed to cover all the critical parts of the graphics card that need cooling.

The unit covers the GPU, VRM and memory, and will feature a high-flow design, meaning that it can be used in longer, more complex loops or in loops with weaker pumps. Using EK's EK-FC terminal system, up to four graphics cards can be used in a single system.

EKWB will sell three different versions of the water block, each with a different appearance. For those who want even more bling, a backplate will also be available.

EKWB has announced that the EK-FC R9-290X DCII will be available in February 2014, though there was no word on pricing yet.

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  • jimmysmitty
    First we need the Asus 290X DCUII to be available. The Gigabyte Windforce is out but still have not seen the Asus DCUII on Egg or anywhere.
  • iLikepc
    Now, this will be cool....
  • maza90210
    Doesn't the r9 290x asus already have a backplate? would you not just use that backplate