EK Water Blocks Limited Edition 10th Anniversary Supremacy CPU Block Coming Next Week

EK Water Blocks is celebrating its tenth anniversary in the water cooling business, and the company is doing something special to cap off the year. EKWB is building 100 commemorative collector’s edition Supremacy EVO 10th Anniversary water blocks to celebrate its achievements over the last decade.

The Supremacy EVO 10th Anniversary block features a special design, and each one has an engraved production number. EKWB’s Supremacy EVO block is usually covered by a uniform square piece of Acetal or clear acrylic. The 10th Anniversary block is the same square shape as the typical Supremacy EVO, but it features a 3D “low polygon mesh” that covers much of the Acetal cover. EK Water Blocks said the polygon mesh symbolize the company’s “never-ending pursuit to optimize performance.” The block also includes gold colored hardware that matches the block’s face.

EK Water Blocks is treating the 10th Anniversary water block as a collector’s piece. Each limited-edition block comes in a fancy black and gold box, which also includes a second block. Each 10th Anniversary kit includes a gold-plated EK-Wave water block, EKWB’s first flagship CPU block from 2006. EKWB included the EK-Wave blocks “to show how far [it has] come in the field of liquid cooling…[]”

“From my humble beginnings and experiments with liquid cooling, we managed to establish EK as a top brand in the industry, with a wide portfolio of products and solutions for our global partners. All this would not be possible without passion and enjoyment in the work we do every day. This 10th Anniversary Supremacy EVO is the result of our journey so far and thank you, the fans and enthusiasts, for sharing this journey with us.” – Edvard König, founder of EK Water Blocks and President of the Board.

EK Water Blocks usually releases pricing information and more often than not launches the announced product the day of the announcement. As they say, there’s an exception to every rule, and it appears the Supremacy EVO 10th Anniversary is EKWB’s exception. EKWB said the pre-order page for the 100 limited blocks would go live next week and the company is keeping the price to itself until that time.

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    Have never used any of it myself, but good for them. It's nice to see a company celebrating a ten year mark in such a niche market.
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    Looks sexy