New EFiX Module V1.1 Now On the Way

This week, Art Studios Entertainment announced that it has released a new version of its EFiX module.

The new module improves on the stability of the unit's internal electronics, allowing it to be used in a greater variety of conditions. According to Art Studio's President, Davide Rutigliano, the new EFiX 1.1 uses both new material on the body as well as new components on the inside. The new module also contains a new protection scheme implemented to avoid flashing with bad or modified firmware.

Recently, several users confirmed that they were experiencing issues using the EFiX module with the Bonjour networking protocol in OS X Leopard. We have confirmed that this isn't in fact an EFiX issue at all, but an issue pertaining to BIOSes on Gigabyte motherboards--which are one of the brands listed on EFiX's compatibility list. When in use with a comparable DFI motherboard however, Bonjour works without problems.

Rutigliano indicated that the new EFiX 1.1 will be more widely available for purchase than the previous version, but he added that firmware for 1.1 will be completely backwards compatible with previous EFiX modules.

For those who aren't familiar, the EFiX module is a hardware EFI device, that when installed, interrupts the regular boot process and boots the installed operating system using EFI rather than the aging BIOS standard. Consequently, this allows an EFiX installed system to install and run operating systems like Apple's OS X Leopard. With the right hardware configuration, an EFiX system will run OS X like a real Mac; system updates included.

Take a look at our past interview with Rutigliano here, for a detailed idea of what makes the EFiX module work.

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  • LePhuronn
    New module? I never saw the old one!

    Considering you can already install Linux on an x86/x64 PC and Mac users have Bootcamp (and don't want anything other than OSX anyway), at £165 a pop I'm sure Arts Studio are merely saving up cash for the impending legal battle with Apple about whether or not using this to install OSX on non-Apple hardware is in breech of the universe.

    And if you're going to run OSX away from Apple, I don't see tanybody paying out for this module over patching their install and update files.