Asus Releases Eee Keyboard Promo Video

Where is the Asus Eee Keyboard? The Taiwanese computer company still says that it is on its way, despite almost a year's worth of delays.

Last month we heard that the new date given to the innovative PC-in-a-keyboard product is April, which would be the month that we're currently cruising through. Asus now only has three weeks to make good on that promise, but we're feeling optimistic this time.

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  • This is waaay cooler than the iPad.
    Just get it out before Apple makes one.
  • shin0bi272
    its sort of like an inverse ipad isnt it? lol thats kinda cool
  • babybeluga
    Do you pronounce this "triple E" or "E-E-E" or just "eh"?

    Just wondering...Personally, I think the eh keyboard makes sense for this kind of product.