Ebay shuts down Russian password broker website

EBay and Sunbelt Software have partnered up to shut down a Russian website that was illegally selling customer account information. Sunbelt Software, based in Clearwater Florida, found the website and told eBay, who in turn, worked with Russian authorities to shut down the site. The site offered login and password information for a low as $5 dollars each.

Using an alternate login, scammers could post items for sale and collect payment, all without shipping anything in return. Alex Eckelberry, the president of Sunbelt, says in his online blog that the names were probably retrieved via, "a trojan or phishes". Accounts were sold for as low as $5 dollars, but those with better feedback fetched up to $25 dollars each.

The site is currently inaccessible, but Eckelberry does have some screenshots on his blog.

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