Earphones for Your Audio Player

Testing And Evaluation Methods, Continued

For listening, we used a system equipped with an E-MU 1820 professional sound card. We chose this unit not only for its quality, but also because it has a headphone jack with a hardware adjustment, so it is capable of providing a high level with no faults in the signal. This card also has a sophisticated virtual mixing board with inserts for numerous parametric equalization filters. We use this during listening to correct the response - in general, as a function of the response curves we record - in order to see how the earphones perform if we apply suitable corrections.

Finally, we also used a small Creative MP3 player to check how the phones behave with a lightweight device, in terms of the volume level that can be achieved without distortion, and any potential problems.

The E-MU 1820 sound card's PatchMix DSP Mixer mixing board with six parametric equalization bands on the wave output, to torture-test our earphones...


Processor: Athlon 3000+ Memory: 1 GB of DDR Sound card: E-MU 1820 OS: Windows XP Home SP2

Audio Playback

Magix MP3 Maker Centurion (software) Creative Zen Nano Plus 512 MB (MP3 player)


DAAS32 audio measurement system, Neutrik 3282 artificial ear Neutrik 3381 microphone DIY adapters for intraaural earphones
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