Whoa... It's a Double Rainbow... for Windows Live

Remember this guy?

That was Paul “Hungry Bear” Vasquez, who we all know by now to be truly impressed by rainbows. But his 15 minutes of fame aren't up yet (the original video was only three and a half minutes long).

Now Double Rainbow Guy has made an advertisement for Windows Live Photo Gallery, and it might just be our favorite Microsoft ad in a long time.

There's another video, but it's more of a testimonial rather than an entertaining ad.

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  • flaminggerbil
    Well it's pretty cool and all that, but most reasonable cameras have that functionality anyway in panoramic mode.
  • Anonymous
    Hey! I liked the commercial. I usually find watching MS commercials to be embarrasing; remember the Windows 7 release party? I liked this one however.
  • Pailin
    Good on ya man, sounded like a great experience!!!

    Loved the clarity between the double rainbow - very beautiful :)