IBM Could Use DNA to Make Next-Gen Chips

Chip makers are always looking for the next big breakthrough in making smaller, faster, more energy efficient computer chips. IBM, always pushing its research and development teams, claims to have found a potential new chip making method using nanotechnology.

In conjunction with the California Institute of Technology collaborator Paul W.K. Rothemund, IBM Research has published its findings on an advancement in combining lithographic patterning with self assembly – a method to arrange DNA origami structures on surfaces compatible with today’s semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Current manufacturing techniques focus on making feature sizes smaller than 22-nm, and IBM's approach of using DNA molecules as scaffolding could be the way there. IBM explained that millions of carbon nanotubes could be deposited and self-assembled into precise patterns by sticking to the DNA molecules. Specially positioned DNA nanostructures can serve as scaffolds, or miniature circuit boards, for the precise assembly of components – such as carbon nanotubes, nanowires and nanoparticles – at dimensions significantly smaller than possible with conventional semiconductor fabrication techniques.   

The paper on this work, “Placement and orientation of DNA nanostructures on lithographically patterned surfaces,” by scientists at IBM Research and the California Institute of Technology, will be published in the September issue of Nature Nanotechnology. Those with an online account may access it now here.

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  • papalarge123
    is it me or is this news that i heard almost a year ago.
    although it is nice to hear updated info on this remarkable breakthrough.

    BTW, does anyone get the fealing that our technology is progressing at a rate that should not be possible for our generation.
  • Anonymous
    It's all results of studies on Megatron's circuitry in Sector 7 !!!
  • Anonymous
    Yup, way too fast.. did you notice how in humain we are becoming as a result.. and we're wondering why? With technology comes power, with power comes leadership, with the wrong leadership you get greed, the next thing we're all just a bit on th chip required to do a task and are disposed of the next bit we can be replaced. Money is the root of all evil, if we could get rid of the money system, alot of evil will fanish, but I guess that's what the next life will determine based on the outcome of our superficial lives ruled by greed for money and power.