D-Link Partners with Microsoft on Network Protection

Just like us, it’s important for networks to stay healthy, and taking preventative steps to ensure that condition can go a long way. D-Link has announced that now supports Microsoft Network Access Protection (NAP) technology. Network Access Protection is a policy enforcement technology built into the Windows Vista and Windows Server "Longhorn" operating systems that allows customers to better protect network assets from unhealthy computers by enforcing compliance with network health policies. Microsoft’s Network Access Protection technology is publicly available with Windows Vista, and available to select partners and customers with Beta 2 of the future version of Windows Server. D-Link’s Network Access Protection tools support NAP by bridging clients and the NAP servers. D-Link xStack Switch series, including DES-3500, DES-3800 and DGS-3600 series, will all support Network Access Protection. xStack series is D-Link’s business-class switch tool. The xStack series range from 10/100 to Gigabit, and L2 to L3 managed switches. All xStack series are equipped with security control and quality of service (QoS) functions. D-Link’s alliance with Microsoft adds to xStack’s feature set. Moving forward, D-Link will also integrate NetDefend security products with Microsoft NAP, which will enhance D-Link’s security solution from the endpoint desktop to the network gateway. With Microsoft NAP support, a D-Link xStack switch will grant each network host access only if it complies with IT security policies such as up-to-date anti-virus signatures and operating system patches.
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