DIY HD HTPC Extravaganza - Part 1: The Cases

The CoolerMaster CM Media 260's Cramped Space

The height of this case alone makes it obvious that the CM Media isn't going to be so easy to outfit with hardware components. While it's true that you can fit an ATX motherboard into this case, the same is not true for all expansion cards.

To use up to three of your motherboard's six or seven expansion slots, you must install a special riser card that effectively rotates those slots by 90 degrees (which means expansion cards lay face down, parallel to the motherboard). Interestingly, CoolerMaster offers both AGP and PCI-Express riser cards for the CM Media 260, which lets it accommodate older AGP motherboards as well as newer PCI-Express models.

Coolermaster CM Media 260
Manufacturer CoolerMaster
Pricing $100 or $185 (with or w/out VFD)
Material Aluminium front panel, steel case
Weight 13.3 lbs / 6 kg
Dimensions 16.8" x 3.47" x 17.6" inch / 430 x 88.9 x 440 mm
Equipment details
Motherboards supported (form factor) ATX, MicroATX
Total Slots 3 via riser card
PSU form factor ATX
5.25" drives 1 x
3.5" drives 3 x
Front connectors 2 x USB, 1 x 1394, 2 x Audio
Accessories / Retail Packaging Optional VFD Display with remote control